March 7, 2015


I work in studio both as an individual and as part of a multi camera team, sales i have worked on chat shows, entertainment shows, shopping TV, promo shoots and music videos. I’m a equally skilled handhelp and Ped Operator.

Chasing The Saturdays – NBC/E! , United Kingdom
2012 – Lighting Cameraperson
Filming some of the UK footage for a reality show following the Girl Band ‘The Saturdays’ Working the the USA Director & Producer.

London 2012 Olympics – LOGOC/Great Big Events , United Kingdom
2012 – Cameraperson
Working on the London Olympics providing Foootage for the Screens in the venues and doing live broadcasts.

Health lottery film – Channel 5 , United Kingdom
2012 – Lighting Cameraperson
A short film interviewing and filming a group of Disabled basketball players for the health lottery on channel 5.

The One Show – BBC , United Kingdom
2011 – Camera Operator
Studio Output for live Entertainment show

British Super Bikes – Televideo , United Kingdom
2011 – Camera Operator
Live coverage on the British Super Bike Races

Belron London Triathalon – Outlook Video , United Kingdom
2011 – Camera Operator
Corporate film for the London 2011 Belron Triathalon

The Milkshake Show – Channel 5 , Unspecified
2011 – Camera Operator
Camera Operator on a 10 part Childrens TV Series, including Puppets & Live Action

Milkshake Opening Title Sequence – Channel 5 , Unspecified
2011 – Lighting Cameraperson
Opening Title sequence for popular Childrens TV show. Shot on Green screen

Safelight 19 TV Drama Pilot – Scruffy Bear Productions , United Kingdom
2011 – Camera Operator
B Unit Camera Operator for a pilot for a TV Drama ( DOP Neill Phillips )

Milkshake Pre records and DVD Material – Channel 5 , United Kingdom
2011 – Camera Operator
Prerecords and shoots for DVD for popular Childrens TV show

The One Show – BBC , United Kingdom
2010 – Camera Operator
Studio Output for live Entertainment show

WBC Froch Vs Kessler Middle Weight Boxing – Primetime , United Kingdom
2010 – Camera Operator
Live studio coverage and Debate for the 2010 Supermiddle weight Boxing Championships

Iranian Elections 24 hr Coverage – BBC World Service , United Kingdom
2009 – Camera Operator
Live Studio coverage of the Iranian Elections for BBC World Service

Jewellery Channel – The Jewellery Channel , United Kingdom
2008 – Camera Operator
Live Output for Uk shopping Channel

BId Up live Output – Sit Up channels , United Kingdom
2008 – Camera Operator
Live Output for UK shopping Channel

The Jody Marsh Show – Portland , United Kingdom
2005 – Camera Operator
Live Handheld Camera on Late night Entertainment/ chat show

Terry & Gaby Show – UM TV , United Kingdom
2004 – Camera Operator
Camera Operator on Live 1 hour TV Chat show

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